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Florida Woman Records Herself Live While Driving Drunk

Drunk drivers pose a serious risk of bodily injury, not only to themselves but also to other drivers and the passengers in the vehicles they are driving. The convenience and comfort that is involved with driving a car also carries with it the obligation and duty to drive in a safe, responsible manner. When someone decides to drive a car with an illegal amount of alcohol in their bloodstream, they ignore that obligation and should be held accountable for any injuries they cause.

Driving is a privilege. Many drivers, however, treat driving as a right; they think they are entitled to drive in whatever way they see fit. When someone chooses to drive in a reckless manner, however, they are responsible for the injuries and other damages they may cause because of their actions. A Florida woman faces this situation after she chose to not only drive while intoxicated, but also to stream herself while doing so.

Twenty-three year old Whitney Beall was recently arrested after police received multiple calls about a woman driving while drunk and posting it online. Beall was recording herself on the app Periscope, which allows people to record video and broadcast it live, anywhere in the world. She was driving erratically and shouting: “we don’t give a (expletive) where the (expletive) we are and I’m drunk. I’m sorry guys.” Police were able to spot Beall’s vehicle after figuring out where she was based on the video. According to, investigators said Beall hit a curb as an officer initiated a traffic stop, and she did not hit the brakes after striking the curb. Not surprisingly, Beall failed standardized field sobriety tests and refused a breathalyzer test.

While there were no serious injuries or damages in this instance, Beall’s actions could have easily had fatal consequences. It is important to remember that every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you owe a duty of care to all others on the road. Have you been injured because of a drunk or reckless driver? If so, the last thing you need when you have sustained personal injuries in an auto accident is to deal with the myriad of issues involved in pursuing a Massachusetts car accident claim. Our trained, veteran Boston, MA motor vehicle accident lawyers will deal with all the paperwork, documentation and evidence that you need in order to build the strongest case possible.

Man is Awarded $55.3 Million in Case Against Honda Motor Company

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A man named Carlos Martinez from Pennsylvania has just been awarded a record-setting verdict in a trial against the Honda Motor Company. Mr. Martinez was involved in a car accident in which his 1999 Honda Acura Integra rolled over. Although he had been wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident, this did not prevent him from severely impacting his head on the roof of his vehicle.

Honda claimed that there was no vehicle-based defect. During the trial, however, evidence was introduced proving that Honda had performed crash safety tests and had found that their seatbelts did not prevent those wearing them from hitting their heads on the roofs of their cars in the event that the cars rolled over. Yet, they did nothing to try and fix this defect.

Prior to his accident, Mr. Martinez, a married man and father of four children, used to work in construction. The accident has permanently and severely injured him, however, leaving him in a quadriplegic state. The victim was awarded $25 million for noneconomic damages sustained, such as pain and suffering. He was also awarded $14.6 million for his future medical expenses, $15 million for his wife’s loss of consortium, and $720,000 for his loss of earnings.

The Honda Motor Company stated after the decision that it would appeal the jury verdict.

OUI Motorist Drives Car Through House With Her Own Baby In The Backseat

Tragically, there are numerous car accidents across the country that give rise to permanent and even fatal personal injuries. These accidents are caused by a number of factors, including driver distraction, driver aggression, and driving under the influence, just to name a few. No matter the cause, the consequences can be life changing. In addition to the physical burden imposed on car accident victims, many victims and their families are also forced to face severe financial and emotional struggles.

This marks the third operating under the influence (OUI) arrest for Heidi Everson. Sunday night, Everson was charged with felony OUI and several additional misdemeanors after she drove her vehicle through a Waterville, Maine home. The residents of the home, Nye and Diana Foster, were fortunately just barely out of harm’s way when the vehicle came crashing through their front wall. Nye had been sitting just eight feet away from the front door when the vehicle came barreling into his living room. Diana heard the noise, and came running before catching a glimpse of the shocking surprise.

Meanwhile, Everson was visibly under the influence of alcohol. In fact, she was so inebriated that she could barely keep her eyes open for the police mug shot. To make her utter recklessness even more reprehensible, the woman had been driving with her 17-month-old daughter in the back seat. The toddler was not properly buckled. By a stroke of luck, no one was physically injured in the incident.

For the time being, Everson is being held at the Kennebec County Jail on a $1,400 bond. According to WGME, Everson’s daughter is presently in custody of the state.