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Massachusetts Police Search For Driver Accused of Hit and Run

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Driving is a privilege, not a right. It comes with an obligation to operate your vehicle in a safe, considerate manner. Otherwise, serious injury or even death may occur. Oftentimes, a negligent driver that causes such injuries will be held financially or criminally liable for that harm. That is precisely what Chelsea, Massachusetts police are trying to do after a local man was found killed by an apparent hit and run.

Authorities found twenty-five-year-old Marco Cruz hit by a vehicle on Washington Ave. last Saturday at around 10 PM. According to, Cruz was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital, but died as a result of his injuries. Police are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident and are searching for the driver that fled the scene of the car accident.

When someone decides to drive a motor vehicle in a negligent or reckless fashion, they should be held accountable for any injuries they cause. This may take the form of criminal charges, but this alone does little to compensate a victim monetarily for the injuries they sustained. Often times, the best and only way for a victim or their family to recover money damages for their personal injuries is through a successful civil lawsuit.

If you or a family member have been injured in an auto accident caused by negligence, it is crucial that you actively enforce your claims. Please contact one of our expert personal injury lawyers, including our car accident injury attorney experts, who will work tirelessly on your case.

Utah Court Of Appeals Rules That Woman Can Sue Herself In Fatal Car Accident

An estimated 32,000 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2013 alone. Thousands more were injured. Sometimes, we become so accustomed to driving that we forget just how dangerous motor vehicles can be if not properly operated. Automobiles are fast and heavy machinery, which should only be operated with the utmost care. Most car accidents are completely avoidable. These are the auto accidents caused by speeding, distracted driving and aggressive driving. When these bad habits cause crashes, the consequences can be devastating.

Barbara Bagley was driving her family’s Range Rover through the desert near Battle Mountain, Nevada on December 27, 2011 when a fatal accident unfolded. She lost control of the vehicle and hit a large sagebrush, which caused her vehicle to flip over. Her husband, 55-year-old Bradley Vom Baur, was thrown from the vehicle and suffered life-threatening injuries. He was transported to the Battle Mountain General Hospital, where he died on January 6, 2012 as a result of his injuries.

After the deadly accident, Bagley sought permission from a Utah district court judge to file a wrongful death lawsuit against herself. Her attorneys, Mark Rose and Reid Tateoka, argue that Bagley has two separate and distinct interests in the lawsuit. On the one hand, Bagley has an interest as representative of her husband’s estate, and therefore has the duty to file this suit in the best interests of the estate. Separately, Bagley would be the defendant in her own capacity. As defendant, Bagley would be represented by her insurance company. Bagley’s lawsuit claims that she caused the fatal accident by failing to keep a proper lookout and failing to properly control her vehicle.

Initially, a Utah district court judge dismissed the case. Last week, however, the Utah Court of Appeals reinstated her action saying in a unanimous 3-0 decision that Utah statutes do not bar Bagley from suing herself in this type of lawsuit. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah statutes relating to wrongful death actions permit recovery when the harm is caused “by another.” The Utah district court interpreted “by another” to mean by one other than the personal representative of the deceased. The Appeals Court, however, interpreted this phrase to mean harm by one other than the deceased person. Under this interpretation, Bagley’s suit against herself is not barred.

Security Footage Shows Car Flying Through the Air and Into Building

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers its drivers the convenience of many fine Massachusetts roadways and several major Massachusetts highways. These amenities allow motor vehicle operators to navigate around the hub with greater ease. Every single time we enter the roadway, however, we are placing our safety, and the safety of our passengers, in the hands of Massachusetts drivers who may be reckless, impaired or distracted. It can be helpful in avoiding injury to be aware and mindful of other drivers while traveling on roadways, but that will not always stop a negligent driver from causing a collision. Careless drivers may cause serious harm and injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, and shockingly enough, sometimes even buildings.

The owner of a North York, Ontario auto repair shop was shocked and confused when he arrived to work to find that someone had crashed their vehicle through the side of the building. CNN was able to obtain security footage that shows the black Subaru flying through a fence at a high rate of speed and going airborne. The car sailed through the air for over thirty feet and crashed through the side of the building, stopping only once it hit a structural beam inside. Fortunately, no one was inside the building at the time of the crash, and the only injuries reported so far were those sustained by the driver. While there were no other physical injuries, the damage to the building was extensive. The repair shop will be unable to operate for an undetermined amount of time as repairs and renovations are being done to the building.

If you have been harmed in a car accident, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your physical injuries, as well as any emotional trauma or financial hardship caused by the motor vehicle accident. Please contact one of our expert personal injury lawyers, who will work tirelessly on your case to see that you are justly and fairly compensated.