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Jury Awards $248 Million In Personal Injury Damages In Car Accident Case Against Hyundai That Left Three Dead

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A family in Missoula, Montana sued Hyundai for injuries arising out of events that occurred on July 2, 2011. On that tragic day, a nineteen-year-old man and his cousin were driving on U.S. Highway 93 on their way to meet up with their family. The silver Hyundai that the cousins had been driving all of a sudden veered to the center of the road causing a head on collision with another vehicle.

The car accident resulted in three fatalities, namely the two cousins and a female passenger in the vehicle that they impacted. Later, it was discovered that the Hyundai had a defect in the steering knuckle, which is the auto part containing the spindle that attaches to the suspension gears.

After approximately ten hours of deliberations, the jury found Hyundai to be liable for the wrongful deaths arising out of this defect. The jury also found that Hyundai had acted with malice in not correcting the problem. Accordingly, Hyundai had punitive damages assessed against it as well as additional monetary penalties for the economic losses suffered. In determining a fair punitive damages award, the jury had been instructed to consider the value of the companies. The Hyundai Motor Company has a net worth of $46.7 billion and Hyundai Motor America has a net worth of $2.3 billion. The jury assigned $150 million in punitive damages to Hyundai Motor Company and an additional $90 million in punitive damages to Hyundai Motor America and $8 million for actual damages. Together the figures totaled a jury award of $248 million.

Williamsport, PA Police Officer Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter

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Do you remember the day you got your license? Do you recall the elation and freeing feeling of being able to get in your car and go where you wanted? These feelings are felt by many who pass the required license test in their state of residency. On that day, a person understands and appreciates, perhaps more than at any other time, the real privilege of driving on American roads. Certainly, there are millions of Americans who are afforded such a privilege because they drive responsibly. But as time wears on, and the novelty of driving wears off, many drivers become complacent. Regardless of position, wealth, or societal class, anyone can be guilty of negligent driving—even the police.

On January 12, 2014, Officer Jonathan DePrenda was driving near the Third and Railway Street intersection in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. DePrenda was rushing to the aid of another officer who was involved in a high-speed pursuit. The police officer was traveling between 98 and 101 miles per hour with his lights and sirens on. The posted speed limit in the area was 35 miles per hour.

As Officer DePrenda entered into the intersection, his cruiser struck a vehicle being driven by 42-year old Williamsport resident, James Robinson. The impact pushed Robinson’s car into a utility pole and a vacant house, where it burst into flames. Mr. Robinson was killed as a result of the crash. His estate brought a lawsuit against the City of Williamsport and Officer DePrenda and is currently negotiating a settlement.

Criminal charges also have been brought against Officer Deprenda for vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter. In addition, he has been suspended with pay from the Williamsport Police Department. According to Police Chief Michael Orwig, he is continuing to receive pay because the internal investigation is not yet complete.

In traumatic car accidents such as this one, the devastation wrought can be both physical and emotional in nature. Injuries can be so severe that they prevent people from returning to their previous lifestyles. When the ability to work is affected, courts may also consider the long-term financial implications for car accident victims, and award money damages accordingly.

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Two People Injured in Three-Car Motor Vehicle Collision

At around 6 p.m. on November 20th, a three-car accident at an intersection left two people injured and blocked roadways for upwards of two hours. Just prior to the auto accident, James Peters was turning left onto Route 233 from Route 5 in Westmoreland, New York. At that time, he hit a pickup truck operated by Steven Gelinas. The auto collision propelled both cars into a third vehicle being driven by Corie Ano.

After the car accident, Gelinas and a passenger in his car were taken to the St. Elizabeth Medical Center emergency room with minor injuries. No one else involved in the motor vehicle collision was injured.

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