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Teens Injured In Early Morning Car Accident In Auburn, Massachusetts

A recent two-car auto crash in Auburn, Massachusetts caused several teenagers to be hospitalized with personal injuries of varying severity.

Local Auburn, Massachusetts police report that 26 year-old Tresa Sargendelli caused a car accident when she drove her automobile into the rear of a BMW being driven by a 17-year old girl. The girl had four 18 year-old passengers in her car at the time of the rear-end auto accident.

Both Sargendelli and one of the BMW passengers became trapped in their motor vehicles, and were rescued form the cars by emergency responders with the Jaws of Life.

All six people involved in the motor vehicle accident were taken to local hospital emergency rooms. Four people were taken to the UMASS memorial hospital emergency room, and two were brought to the Hubbard hospital emergency room. All of the individuals involved in the car crash are expected to survive.

Auburn police reported that the teenagers were returning from a party in Worcester, Massachusetts, but the police investigators do not believe that alcohol was a factor in the car accident.

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Friends Abandon Injured Woman Following Car Accident

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Local authorities in Kansas report that two individuals left the scene of a single-vehicle car accident. The authorities report that the two individuals abandoned an injured passenger, who sustained a broken neck and other broken bones in the motor vehicle collision.

The auto crash allegedly occurred when the driver of a motor vehicle was speeding. The driver apparently lost control of the car and crashed into a concrete wall and tree. The impact of the car crash ejected the victim from the car. The female passenger sustained a broken neck and other serious injuries. The driver and the other passenger fled the scene of the car accident before police arrived.

The victim was taken to the Wesley Medical Center emergency room, where she remains in serious condition. Police are still investigating the identities of the two individuals who abandoned the victim after the motor vehicle accident.

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