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Security Footage Shows Car Flying Through the Air and Into Building

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers its drivers the convenience of many fine Massachusetts roadways and several major Massachusetts highways. These amenities allow motor vehicle operators to navigate around the hub with greater ease. Every single time we enter the roadway, however, we are placing our safety, and the safety of our passengers, in the hands of Massachusetts drivers who may be reckless, impaired or distracted. It can be helpful in avoiding injury to be aware and mindful of other drivers while traveling on roadways, but that will not always stop a negligent driver from causing a collision. Careless drivers may cause serious harm and injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, and shockingly enough, sometimes even buildings.

The owner of a North York, Ontario auto repair shop was shocked and confused when he arrived to work to find that someone had crashed their vehicle through the side of the building. CNN was able to obtain security footage that shows the black Subaru flying through a fence at a high rate of speed and going airborne. The car sailed through the air for over thirty feet and crashed through the side of the building, stopping only once it hit a structural beam inside. Fortunately, no one was inside the building at the time of the crash, and the only injuries reported so far were those sustained by the driver. While there were no other physical injuries, the damage to the building was extensive. The repair shop will be unable to operate for an undetermined amount of time as repairs and renovations are being done to the building.

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