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Drunk Driver Throws Another Driver’s Phone Into Fire

The fiery car accident occurred on April 12th, 2013 in Houston, Texas after a drunk driver ran a red light. As if that was not bad enough, the drunk driver proceeded to interfere with the other driver’s call for help by throwing his cellphone into the fiery wreckage.

The vehicles were traveling westbound on Bellaire Boulevard and southbound on the West Sam Houston Parkway, respectively, when they collided at an intersection. According to accident reports, the inebriated driver ran a red light and struck the other driver’s vehicle. Both cars went up in flames. As the other driver took out his phone to call for emergency personnel, the drunk driver snatched his cellphone away and threw it into the fiery wreckage.

In addition to facing criminal charges, the man is now facing a civil suit where the driver of the other vehicle is seeking damages between $200,000 and $1 million for personal injuries.

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Driver Killed By 400-Pound Tire. Family Recovers $5 Million Settlement

An expectant father was killed in a tragic car accident after being crushed by a 400-pound tire. The tire broke from its holding strap aboard a transport vehicle on a highway, and struck the roof of the wrongful death victim’s car.

The man, whose wife was expecting their first child, was driving his car on the highway when the wrongful death auto crash occurred. The heavy tire came careening over the median strip and struck the roof of his car.

The tire had been loaded onto a wooden pallet on a transport vehicle. At the time of the motor vehicle accident, the tire’s holding strap became loose which resulted in the 400-pound tire being released onto the highway.

The auto accident victim suffered extensive head injuries and was knocked unconscious from the impact. He was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

The family’s wrongful death lawsuit settled before trial for $5 million.

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