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Firefighter Responds To Car Wreck And Finds His Daughter To Be The Victim

Volunteer firefighter Stephen Whitcomb rushed to the scene of a car crash in Brookline, New Hampshire on Christmas Eve. As he worried whether the female victim would survive, he sadly recognized her as his 30-year-old daughter.

Katie Hamilton, the firefighter’s daughter, was driving to work Christmas Eve morning after dropping her three children off at their grandmother’s house. It was around 9:00 AM when the deadly crash occurred. Hamilton was preparing to take a left turn when a Toyota Tundra pickup truck struck the side of her vehicle, causing her to veer into oncoming traffic where a second pickup truck collided with her vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene, just moments before her first-responder father arrived.

According to police, speed nor alcohol seem to be factors in the fatal crash. However, police are investigating whether driver inattentiveness could have caused the wreck.

Car accidents can result in serious personal injuries and sometimes even death that can greatly disrupt the lives of the victim and her family. If you or someone you love has sustained injuries as a result of a Massachusetts car accident you may be entitled to relief. If you would like to discover whether you have a sustainable legal claim for personal injury damages or wrongful death damages.

Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Driving Her Car With Angry 13-Year-Old Son Clinging To Car Roof

Cars are not toys. They are fast, heavy, and large pieces of machinery which, when not handled with care, can cause death and serious personal injury. Each year, nearly 1.3 million people are killed in roadway crashes. Millions more are injured. Many of these accidents are entirely avoidable. Too often, car accidents are caused by carelessness, driver aggression, or texting and driving. Ultimately, each time people drive, they are taking their own lives, and the lives of others, into their hands.

A 32-year-old mother of four, Bridget Garcia, was arrested last month and charged with child abuse after she allegedly drove her vehicle with her 13-year-old son clinging to the car roof. According to the Huffington Post, the Florida mother had just disciplined her 13-year-old son by taking away his cell phone. Although a common method of reprimanding disobedient teenagers in the modern technological world, her son was especially upset by the punishment.

Moments later, Garcia began putting her other three children into her car to leave for the day. Once they were settled, she prepared to pull out of the driveway. At that same moment, her angry son leaped onto the hood of her vehicle. According to police, Garcia maneuvered her vehicle in reverse for approximately 200 feet, put the car in drive, and then continued on the road for another 200 feet before coming to a halt. When she stopped, her son was flung off the hood of the car.

Garcia’s son was hospitalized with injuries to his hip, foot, and right knee. She was taken to the police station where she was charged with child abuse. Still, Garcia told the Huffington Post that she really is a good mom. She says that she takes care of her kids, and is doing the best she can for her kids every day, despite being a single mom.

Maryland Driver Facing Criminal Charges for Texting Behind the Wheel

A 25 year-old woman from Temple Hills, Maryland is facing criminal charges after admitting to police officers that she was texting-and-driving when she caused her car to ride into Westfield Lake.

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the driver of a passenger car lost control of the motor vehicle and struck a tree at high speed on St. Charles Parkway in Maryland. The impact of the collision redirected the car into the Westfield Lake. The car stopped after being submerged in approximately five feet of water. The woman escaped the sinking motor vehicle through the driver’s window.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital’s emergency room for medical treatment. The nature and extent of the woman’s personal injuries have not been reported at this time.

The driver admitted to police officers that she was texting when she lost control of the car. Officials are expecting to criminally charge the woman for texting while driving. The exact charges have not been revealed at this time, as the investigation continues.