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Maryland High-Schooler Killed in Car Accident After Labor Day Weekend Celebrations

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Even the smallest of decisions can sometimes have the most serious impact on a person’s life. Deciding to drive fast on a wet, rainy night might seem trivial. But, in fact, these fleeting moments can rob a person of his/her life and also the lives of others. Car accidents occur every day in this country, yet the temptation to drive recklessly or irresponsibly still beckons. For younger drivers, the sensation of driving can be an unequivocal freedom, surpassed by little else at that stage in life. When friends and family members entrust younger drivers to act responsibly, they may be taking a gamble. In losing these “bets,” the results can be utterly tragic.

On the night of August 29, 2014, the community of Olney, Maryland felt the ripple effects of a deadly car accident that claimed the life of a young teenager. After a Labor Day weekend gathering on Friday night, 15-year-old Shawn Gangloff left the party with two older teenagers, one of whom was driving a silver Chrysler convertible.

While driving Shawn home at around 1:30 pm, the 17-year-old driver took a turn too sharply. The convertible hit a tree, flipped over, and then hit a telephone pole. Shawn was ejected from the car and was found dead near the scene of the accident. The driver and another passenger in the car were seriously injured and were rushed to a nearby hospital.

In the wake of Shawn’s death, the entire town of Olney, Maryland is in mourning. Having lost another young driver in a similar accident several months prior, the town and surrounding communities are at a loss for words. The victims of these horrific accidents had once had promising futures, full of love and laughter. The last pages of their lives’ stories have been mercilessly ripped out.

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Lawsuit Filed In Fatal Car Crash Blaming Casino For Negligently Ejecting Intoxicated Hotel Guests

Thirty states across the country, including Massachusetts, maintain laws that impose liability on businesses that serve alcohol to individuals who cause injuries or wrongful death as a result of their intoxication. Grouped under the title, “Dram Shop Liability Acts,” these statutes impose liability for over-serving on a number of establishments, including restaurants, bars and liquor stores. The policy behind these laws is that these establishments and their workers should be trained and experienced in spotting intoxication. Serving or selling alcohol to an obviously intoxicated individual or a person under the age of twenty-one can lead to liability when that intoxicated or underage guest proceeds to cause injuries to another as a result of their intoxication. Most commonly, this arises in drinking and driving personal injury accidents.

A lawsuit was recently filed against the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey alleging the resort and casino served guests alcohol, and then proceeded to eject them from the premises despite their intoxication. A group of two adults, three younger people, and a 4-year-old boy had planned a five-day trip to Atlantic City the week of June 20, 2014. According to the Press of Atlantic City, 45-year-old Roselyn Kornegay and her boyfriend, 35-year-old James Dennis, were gambling on the casino floor and had been served alcohol throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the three younger guests, aged eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, visited the casino floor for some underage gambling and drinking. They were served alcohol by casino employees while they gambled, until, of course, they were caught. Security questioned the three young people and made a determination that all guests in their room would be ejected from the premises.

According to the lawsuit, Kornegay told security that she and Dennis had been served alcohol at the casino all night and were in no condition to drive. With a checkout time at noon the next day, the group requested to stay. But hours later, they were ejected from the premises. Soon thereafter, at 7:07 a.m., the group was involved in a devastating single-car crash on the Atlantic City Expressway. Dennis was pronounced dead at the scene. The four-year-old child was severely injured, and later died of his injuries. At the time of the crash, the three younger people were driving in the bed of the truck. They were thrown from the vehicle and suffered serious physical injuries.

Jury Awards $248 Million In Personal Injury Damages In Car Accident Case Against Hyundai That Left Three Dead

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A family in Missoula, Montana sued Hyundai for injuries arising out of events that occurred on July 2, 2011. On that tragic day, a nineteen-year-old man and his cousin were driving on U.S. Highway 93 on their way to meet up with their family. The silver Hyundai that the cousins had been driving all of a sudden veered to the center of the road causing a head on collision with another vehicle.

The car accident resulted in three fatalities, namely the two cousins and a female passenger in the vehicle that they impacted. Later, it was discovered that the Hyundai had a defect in the steering knuckle, which is the auto part containing the spindle that attaches to the suspension gears.

After approximately ten hours of deliberations, the jury found Hyundai to be liable for the wrongful deaths arising out of this defect. The jury also found that Hyundai had acted with malice in not correcting the problem. Accordingly, Hyundai had punitive damages assessed against it as well as additional monetary penalties for the economic losses suffered. In determining a fair punitive damages award, the jury had been instructed to consider the value of the companies. The Hyundai Motor Company has a net worth of $46.7 billion and Hyundai Motor America has a net worth of $2.3 billion. The jury assigned $150 million in punitive damages to Hyundai Motor Company and an additional $90 million in punitive damages to Hyundai Motor America and $8 million for actual damages. Together the figures totaled a jury award of $248 million.