Maryland Driver Facing Criminal Charges for Texting Behind the Wheel

A 25 year-old woman from Temple Hills, Maryland is facing criminal charges after admitting to police officers that she was texting-and-driving when she caused her car to ride into Westfield Lake.

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the driver of a passenger car lost control of the motor vehicle and struck a tree at high speed on St. Charles Parkway in Maryland. The impact of the collision redirected the car into the Westfield Lake. The car stopped after being submerged in approximately five feet of water. The woman escaped the sinking motor vehicle through the driver’s window.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital’s emergency room for medical treatment. The nature and extent of the woman’s personal injuries have not been reported at this time.

The driver admitted to police officers that she was texting when she lost control of the car. Officials are expecting to criminally charge the woman for texting while driving. The exact charges have not been revealed at this time, as the investigation continues.

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